WonderMill Electric Grain Grinder

WonderMill Electric Grain Grinder

The World's Cleanest, Quietest, Easiest To Use Grain Mill

Imagine your favorite recipes made with the great taste of 100% whole grain goodness and all the nutrition from every grain.

The WonderMill Grain Mill is the quietest and fastest grain mill available. You can create super fine flour or coarse flour at temperatures that preserve nutrients, ensuring that you will always have the perfect flour for your food.

Professionals everywhere agree the WonderMill is the grain mill to own.

Capacity, Power, and Versatility
The WonderMill Grain Mill has the capacity to perform big jobs. You can grind over 100 pounds of flour in an hour. You don't have to worry about overloading the WonderMill Grain Mill because of it's large 1250 watt motor. The most powerful micronizing grain mill available. The WonderMill Grain Mill will not only grind wheat, rice and other small grains, but will also grind legumes and beans as large as garbanzos.

Ease of Use
The WonderMill Grain Mill is extremely easy to use. Simply fill the hopper and you'll get flour. There are no small parts or gaskets to misplace, and cleaning the WonderMill Grain Mill is quick, easy, and virtually dust free.

Peace of Mind UL (for USA), CSA (for Canada), and CE (for Europe and UK) certified.

The WonderMill is the only grain mill that has passed the stringent testing required to be certified by UL, CSA, and CE. Many grain mills on the market have not been able to pass any of these. If you live in Canada this is really important, because without the CSA approval you assume all the Liability if there is an electrical problem that causes a fire. You can rest assured as you use the WonderMill Grain Mill that you won't have any electrical problems in your home resulting from the WonderMill.

A lifetime warranty is included with every WonderMill Grain Mill from the company who has been making this quality mill for over 10 years.

Accessories & Parts Available:
Round Filter
Storage Lid
Lid with Flour Tube
Cyclo Cup
Canister without Lid
Canister Complete
Motor/Head Assembly




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