Wheat Grass Live Greens Powder

Wheat Grass Live Greens Powder

This is a great breakfast drink to start your day and pump up your enzyme availability.

The Live Greens sold at peggylayton.com are processed at a very low temperature.
Their organic farm is located in the Western Rocky Mountains where young plants are grown in high altitudes that are protected from lower atmosphere pollution access.
The soil that these greens; Alfalfa, Barley, Wheat, Oat Grass, Spinach, and Yucca are grown in are nutrient and mineral rich from previous volcanic deposits.
Add the clean water from the Rocky Mountain reservoirs and you have a high quality product that in nutrient and enzyme intense.
The Live Green drink has Peppermint essential oils added to aide in digestion.
The included greens are probiotic cultured to add healthy bacteria to your gut to further promote digestion and bioavailability of enzymes.
This product is100% organic and has NO chemicals, preservatives, fillers, artificial additives, coloring, or flavorings.

For a few years this " Live green Juice, " has been sold on the shelves in California as a suppliment for 50 dollars a jar.
With 90 servings in every jar people take it hiking because it's so easy to carry. It's easy to use, with 1 or 2 spoonsfull, mixed in water. In an emergency, Live greens powder could be used as food storage. Many people are used to meat and potatoes, but in an emergency every glass of this powerful green drink could be considered a meal.
Solid Science is behind every glass of Live Greens Wheatgrass Plus powder.
At 5,020 feet above sea level, in this mountain valley. The Greens are grown with no pesticides or toxic chemicals.
It must be " All Natural, " or it wouldn't be worth doing.
Once the spinach, alfalfa, wheat, barley, parsley and peppermint have matured, it's harvested carefully. In a process that is proprietary which carefully dehydrates these products with very little heat. This process keeps the natural enzymes alive and then it is turned into a juice or smoothie powder.
It is considered " Live Food ", A suppliment if you like, a delicious green drink or food storage.



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