Liquid Ionic Trace Minerals 0.5 fluid oz.

Liquid Ionic Trace Minerals 0.5 fluid oz.

A daily powerful, concentrated dietary supplement providing over 70 naturally occurring, full spectrum, body balancing, ionic mineral and trace minerals which are especially rich in magnesium. Many people claim a wide variety of extraordinary benefits from taking these Liquid Trace Minerals.

Ionique trace mineral solution is made in my home State of Utah. The Great Salt Lake receives minerals from the Uintah, Wasatch, and Sawtooth Mountains, as well as the Great Basin area. The Great Salt Lake has no outlet so the water evaporates and the minerals are left behind which makes them 10 times more concentrated that Seawater. The name of the minerals is Ionique. These minerals are harvested on the great northern tip of the Great Salt Lake in smaller lakes where the evaporation takes up to two years to extract the mineral rich concentrated solution. The company uses a solar evaporation and precipitation process, which concentrates the minerals and removes 99% of the sodium.

This mineral rich solution is in an ionic or electrolyte state. Our bodies rely on ionic minerals to conduct and generate billions of tiny electrical impulses. Trace minerals are in a solution of electrolytes that have both positive and negative charges capable of passing through a semi-permeable membrane and are easily absorbed into the body and are bio-available. Because they are highly concentrated it only takes a few drops in a glass of water or juice to give the body the essential nutrients it requires every day.

I have a tendency to get really bad leg cramps. Even to the point where I cannot walk because it cramps so badly. I found out that if I take my liquid trace minerals every day I never have leg cramps. Growing children need these minerals also. Children get what we use to call growing pains. Give these minerals to a child in juice and the pain goes away. Babies and nursing mothers need these minerals as well. Baby food found in the grocery store is deficient in the essential minerals required for growing babies. I give it to my animals in their water. Athletes, construction workers, bikers, hikers and anyone else that sweats heavily needs to replenish their electrolytes with mineral supplementation. I have heard stories of athletes dropping collapsing on the playing field from a lack of minerals. They sweat them out and do not replenish them. Anyone with a chronic illness should be supplementing with these minerals.



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