GoFoods Case of the Month Autoship

GoFoods Case of the Month Autoship

For 139.95 plus shipping per month you can go on the autoship program and receive a variety pack each and every month.The GoFoods Variety Pack features 64 servings to give you a literal taste of what we have to offer and get you started on your food reserves program.

This program is designed to help you get your food storage monthly until you have built up a reserve that will sustain your family in an emergency situation of 1 week to 3 months.

This Variety Pack Includes

9 Soups:
1 Cheddar Broccoli
1 Creamy Potatoes
1 Minestrone
1 Potato Cheddar
1 Chicken Noodle
1 Pasta Fagioli
1 Tortilla
1 Italian Chicken
1 Corn Chowder
8 Entrees:
1 Vegetable Beef Stew
1 Seasoned Instant Potatoes
1 Chili Mix with Corn Meal Dumplings
1 White Cheddar Sauce with Shells
1 Cheesy Chicken Rice Casserole
1 Chicken Pasta Alfredo
1 Au Gratin Potatoes
1 Beef Stroganoff
1 Breakfast:
1 Granola

At the bottom of this paragraph you can click on a link that will take you to my GoFoods website. Once you are there you can click on Samples to receive 3 Meals with 12 servings in them. There are 3 packages that serve 2-4 people each. You just pay 9.95. I also have this special available on this website. Go back to the main GoFoods category and click on GoFoods, Try it before you buy it Sample Packs.

I am very impressed with their food. It is dehydrated, not freeze-dried, so the prices are very reasonable. Each package of food is ready to go with everything except the water. It only takes 15-20 minutes to cook and it?s done. The food is delicious. The packages feed 2-4 people and come packed in mylar bags for long-term storage. The cooking instructions are on each package.

The best part of this opportunity is that you can earn money by referring others. If you want to make a commission on selling this food to others you can sign up as an Independent Business owner or IBO.

You can order right on this website and you will be contacted by me or my staff to explain the program. Please call me if you have any questions about the program. I can be reached at 435-835-0311 or cell 435-851-0777 in Utah. Check us out, or order directly from GoFoods click here or to e-mail click on splayton@sisna.com and send me a message.



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