Emergency Mask-10 Pack

Emergency Mask-10 Pack

Emergency Masks

The Air-Aid Emergency Masks were designed to protect you and your family from emergency situations at home, work, or on the road. Designed by a chemical engineer familiar with toxic chemicals and biological agents.

you'll want one for your office, car, first-aid kit, purse, or pocket.

Pack of 10 masks

Tested to be 95% effective in filtering out harmful agents.

Also helpful for cleaning, painting, construction, and gardening.

Tested in the laboratory, live agent trials at the Utah State Prison, and by S.W.A.T. team officers, law enforcement, fire, and field medical personnel.

Used by military personnel, police officers, ATV operators, homemakers, gardeners, welders, construction workers, and many others.

Product Specifications

98% as effective as a gas mask.

Lightweight and portable. (4"x8", 1/8th inch thick)

10-year shelf life in sealed plastic package.

Designed after medical masks with addition of activated carbon filter.

Removes odors and toxic fumes.

Product Testing Notes

The Air-Aid Emergency Mask is recommended for use with tear gases when protective glasses and latex gloves are added.

The mask should not be used to enter dangerously contaminated areas or to replace industrial gas masks when long-term exposure to toxic agents is necessary.

Anthrax laboratory testing results indicate that 98% of anthrax spores will be stopped by the mask. Since it takes 500 to 600 spores deposited into the lungs to infect, it is extremely improbable that an individual would be exposed to concentrations of anthrax spores sufficient to infect through the mask.



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