Food Storage 101, Where Do I Begin? : By Peggy Layton

Food Storage 101, Where Do I Begin? : By Peggy Layton

Everything you need to know to begin and maintain a Food Storage Program. This book is for beginners who don't know where to start. Everything in this book is also contained in Emergency Food storage and Survival Handbook. Emergency Food Storage is for the more advanced preparer. It contains three times the information as Food storage 101. Both books are by Peggy Layton. This is a workbook with an Inventory and Planning guide, as well as a 14 day menu planner to help you calculate how much food you need to continue eating the way you do now without having to change your diet in a crises. This book is a must for everyone. It covers where to store food, how to store food & how much to store.
107 pages by Peggy Layton
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