Add-A-Tray 2-pack For The Snack Master 75 PR

Add-A-Tray 2-pack For The Snack Master 75 PR


Need more room? Add-A-Tray? Accessory Packs add 2 extra trays to expand your dehydrator's capacity. Perfect for drying more beef jerky with our famous jerky seasonings!

? These grey speckled/marbled trays are for use with models FD-61 and FD-75PR only. Please check your model number before ordering. Other Add-A-Trays? available for other models...see selection.
? Expand your dehydrator as your needs grow with accessory trays.
? FD-61 and FD-75PR dehydrators expand up to a maximum of 12 trays.
? Patented Converga-Flow? requires no tray.
? Set of Two.



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