Re-Lyte Cramp Eliminator and Electrolyte Replacer

Re-Lyte Cramp Eliminator and Electrolyte Replacer

Re-Lyte Cramp Eliminator and Electrolyte Replacer is a product from the Redmond Salt Company. It replaces the minerals in our body that are lost in sweating or when we are under any kind of stress. Most people do not replace their precious minerals when they exercize.

Re-Lyte? brand Sport Caps contain electrolytes and natural trace minerals that support optimum performance and well-being, including: Sodium, Calcium, Potassium, Sulphur, Magnesium, Iron, Phosphorus, Iodine, Manganese, Copper, Zinc.

"If you want to keep your stride long and prevent cramping, you need NaCl.


I was reduced to a walk in an Ironman Triathlon. I got Real Salt at an aid station and within 10 minutes, was running again at a seven-minute pace."
Cedric Smith, Ironman Triathlete

"Real Salt is every bit as effective as the electrolyte/sodium replacement products on the market today...I always carry extra Real Salt with me to help other runners I encounter in my races who are suffering from leg cramps."
Don Meyer, Ultra Runner

"I have tried your salt during long training rides at temperatures above 100? F. The result? Unbelievable! Your salt gave me back instantaneously a lot of energy that allowed me to continue riding my bicycle stronger and longer than what I could have done by using conventional energy drinks. It also helped my brain to stay alert, focused, and responsive."
Enrico Bariani, Competitive Cyclist

My 7 year old son was getting leg cramps to the point of not being able to walk. It was so sad to see him cry from the pain. I gave him one capsule of Re-Lyte and it took the cramps away. Re-Lyte should be in every medicine cabinet.
Rhonda Smith, mother of 3 children

I have severe leg cramps when I am under stress, if I drink Coke-A-Cola, or if I wear high heals to church. It's very strange what triggers it. When the leg cramps come on me, I can barely walk to get the Re-Lyte capsules. I take two of them and the pain instantly goes away and I can walk again. I am so happy I found this product.
Carole Reynolds



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