Features 46 mixes and over 100 original recipes

With Mix-A-Meal you will:

Save 50-90% in the kitchen without sacrificing good old-fashioned taste.

Experience ease in preparation--perfect for today's busy lifestyle.

Reduce or eliminate preservatives.

Make fun, homemade gifts for friends and family

Enjoy shelf-stable foods for cabins, travel, hiking or emergencies

Each mix has a Mini-Mix so you can sample a smaller mix if you like before making a larger mix. Most of the larger mixes fit into about a gallon-sized container. Large families make a favorite mix 3 or 4 times and store in a 5-gallon food storage bucket.

All the mixes make excellent gifts for Christmas, birthdays, bridal showers, Valentine's Day and more!

Message from Deanna Bean (Co-Author of Mix-A-Meal Cookbook)

In response to the question of how I had the idea for the Mix-A-Meal Cookbook, I have to give the credit to my granddaughter, Michele. She loved whole-wheat pancakes and that was always her request for lunch when I was watching her. She seldom ate more than one so I always had batter left to throw away because you have to use a fresh egg and whip the white part to have fluffy wheat pancakes which dictated the proportions and was time-consuming at best. Then one day I thought how simple it would be if I just had a mix and could put a little in a paper cup, add water and stir, cook her one pancake and be done with it. I realized I had all the ingredients in my storage, including dehydrated eggs and dehydrated butter. These were two items I previously had no idea of a practical way to use and rotate. I added my own whole-wheat flour and dehydrated milk and it worked perfectly the first time! That was the beginning and the ideas and possibilities just came flooding to my mind after that. Our goal was to incorporate foods in our regular menus that would come out of our food storage and we found the foods not only tasted good but were quick and easy, healthy, and very economical. My friend and neighbor, Lorna Shute, created the recipes with me and as the weeks wore on my husband actually put a sign up on our driveway: "Reserved parking?Lorna Shute Only?Violators will be fed first run experimental cooking." Lorna and I would brainstorm and then just start putting things together. After a few losses we learned to write it all down and make sure we measured the ingredients so we could reproduce it again if it turned out well. We cooked all summer and most of our children (I have eight children and Lorna has nine) were still living at home during this time. They would bring their friends over every afternoon to taste and sample our efforts of the day. If something got the thumbs up from the kids it was included in the book. We first named the book Magic Mixes and after several revisions changed the name to Mix-A-Meal.

-Save up to 90% of the cost of commercial mixes by making your own delicious and tasty mixes!

-Spend less time in the kitchen and enjoy that good old fashioned taste.

-Lower the perservative content in your foods.

-Adjust mixes as necessary to fit special dietary needs.

-Make a shelf-stable mix for traveling, camping, trips, or unexpected company.

-Enjoy no-nonsense cleanup. Just add water or a few simple ingredients.

-Give a fun and useful homemade gift for any occasion.

1-5: $14.95 each
6-24: $11.21 each (25% off)
25+: $8.97 each (40% off)

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