Country Living Grain Mill: Hand Grinder

Country Living Grain Mill: Hand Grinder

Now a fine hand mill that can actually out grind many of the electric mills by 10 to 15% and then out grind ALL electric mills by 100% when it really counts!

The Country Living Grain Mill will grind virtually all dry grains and legumes, including wheat, corn, beans, peas, amaranth, etc. It is designed to be quickly and simply motorized.

Top rating from two consumer magazines.
V-groove wheel for quick and easy conversion to electric motor.
Industrial-balanced cast iron flywheel for easy turning and smooth flow of flour.
Large hopper holds 2 lb. of wheat.
Easy dial - self locking adjustment.
Double sealed industrial ball bearings.
Hand cast solid aluminum body with FDA-approved food grade powder coating finish.
30% less torque or energy required to turn than any comparable hand mill on the market.




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