Water storage tank 500 gallon

Water storage tank 500 gallon

This water storage tank will store up to 500 gallons.

It comes in a natural white, gray, or blue color. The gray and blue tanks cost 50.00 more.You will be sent the white color unless you e-mail of call and specify the granite or blue color. 435-851-0777. splayton@sisna.com

The natural white color allows you to see into the tank to check the water level.

It is made from a polyethylene food grade plastic that is heavy duty and made for water storage.

It has a circular shape with a 14 pounds per gallon strength.

The dimensions are 49" wide x 67" tall. This tank is made to stand upright in a garage or in any space that will hold it. Make sure the door to the room you want to put this tank in is larger than the tank.

This tank has two brass ball valves for draining. It has a lid on top that screws off for filling the tank.

This tank eliminates the need for 55 gallon water barrels or other smaller containers.

This tank will hold enough water for five people for a 90 day emergency supply of water.

The tank weighs 110 pounds.

The water inside the tank has a UV8 rating.

This tank can be used outdoors in regions that don't freeze such as Florida and California.

If you treat the water with 4 and 1/2 bottles of ION, the water will stay good in the tank for 5 years. ION can be purchased from this website, look under ION water treatment on the left hand side of the home page.

The shipping on this water tank is estimated at about 295.00. An exact shipping charge will be adjusted on your order. All tanks are shipped from Salt Lake City, Utah.

The tanks are shipped by truck line. You will be contacted by the driver before delivery so you can be there to accept the shipment.



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