Water Storage Tanks 185, 250, and 500 gallons

Water Storage Tanks 185, 250, and 500 gallons

Emergency Water Storage Containers.

These tanks are made from the finest food grade plastic available.

These tanks stand in a corner of a room or garage. This saves a lot of space from stacking water jugs.

These tanks fill from the top. You just unscrew the lid and put the hose into the top hole.

The tanks have two valves, one is to fill smaller containers with water and the other is to drain the tank. You just connect a hose onto the bottom valve and drain it.

It is recommended that you use a new hose for filling and draining the tank, so no bacteria gets into the tank from a dirty hose.

There are 3 sizes available
185 Gallon
250 Gallon and
500 Gallon
The tanks come in three colors; white, blue and gray
The most popular color is white, because you can see the water level in the tank.

White is the color you will be sent unless you specify otherwise by e-mailing or calling.The Granite and blue water tanks cost 50.00 more per tank

The shipping on the website is just an estimate. The shipping varies from state to state. The tanks can be delivered to your home if you live in Utah. From Lehi, Salt Lake City or Ogden area the delivery charge is around 50.00. Please e-mail or call for an exact quote on shipping any of the water tanks to your area. e-mail splayton@sisna.com or Phone 435-851-0777 ask for peggy.

ION Water Treatment
It is recommended that you use ION stabilized oxygen to keep the water in the storage tank safe for 5 years. ION kills harmful bacteria. The shelf life of ION is indefinite. It will not go bad even after it has been opened. One bottle of ION will treat 110 gallons of water so in the 185 tank you will need about 1 and 1/2 bottles of ION. In the 250 gallon you will need 2 and 1/3 bottles and in the 500 gallon tank you will need 4 and 2/3 bottles of ION.

ION can be purchased on this website.

435-851-0777 (mobile)

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