Redmond Clay, Real Salt and Burn Products

Redmond Clay, Real Salt and Burn Products

Redmond Clay comes from deep within the earth, many years ago in what is now central Utah, a range of volcanoes erupted sending volcanic ash into the waters of the ancient Sundance Sea. The water in this sea evaporated, leaving behind a bed of mineral-rich bentonite clay.

For many generations, native Indians carried a ball of clay with them in their packs, some of which they dissolved in water and ingested with their meals. Clay, a product of Mother Earth, was a natural medicine used by the natives for fighting many stomach ailments, dysentery, and food infections.

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Haloquem Burn Treatment

Haloquem Burn Treatment

1-5: $16.45 each
6-15: $15.45 each
16-25:$14.45 each
26-50: $13.45 each
50-100+: $12.45 each.

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